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So there’s this guy ❤️

So there's this guy ❤️ And lately he's been working 16 hour days and I'm tired and lonely from being with our four crazy kids all day. And I miss him home. Being goofy. Working on projects together. Doing nothing together. Being a pain in the ass. Teaming this parent thing. I even miss fighting… Continue reading So there’s this guy ❤️

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The thing I got out of motherhood that I never expected…

So I hit the 9 month mark the other last little babe is a 9 month old-------- And coincidentally it's also bathing suit season. And you know what they takes 9 months to put on the weight and you should give yourself 9 months to lose it. Well guess what...that's not what happened… Continue reading The thing I got out of motherhood that I never expected…

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Rustic and raw master bedroom renovation 

Our master bedroom needed a serious revamp. We hadn't done anything to it since we built ten years ago and it was one of those rooms that I sort of forgot about. I guess just like we moms forget about taking care of ourselves, we forget about our room as well. Anyways, I wanted something… Continue reading Rustic and raw master bedroom renovation