What’s one more…..kids, animals, projects, businesses, volunteering when I probably shouldn’t? This seems to have morphed into my family’s unofficial motto. My husband and I have a clan consisting of two little girls, two boys, two dogs, two horses, two ponies, two pigs, two cats…hold on, I sound like friggin Noah’s ark. You get the picture, there’s a lot of us.
And just like there’s a lot of us, there’s a lot we do. We have a landscape business, which I ❤️, we’ve flipped and rented homes, designed, DIY’d, taken chances, succeeded, failed.  I’m on a journey to find balance between being a wife, mama, entrepreneur, and small town girl with big time dreams (I know, super cliche, right? I heard it as it was coming out. Eh, it sounded good). I want to do everything and nothing, all at the same time. Not hard at all, right?!

So here I go, for the first time in my life (I literally never share on social media, my personal Facebook is pathetic) putting my crazy story out there in the hopes of connecting with, inspiring, and laughing with other moms who are trying to find their place between being a mom and being themselves.

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