Christmas is Over: What’s Next for Florals

It may sound Scrooge-esque, but once Christmas is over, I can’t wait for the whole Christmas season to be over. I love to de-stress, de-clutter, and start fresh for the new year. Nothing feels better than to pack up the decorations, clear off the counters, and shove the tree out the door, along with all the evergreens that are dropping needles EVERYWHERE (insert twitching eye here)

So in an effort to simplify after the new year (without throwing out all the new Christmas toys that are driving me crazy), I tend to go minimal with my floral displays. The idea is to celebrate the winter season, but bring hints of warmth, hope, and movement into the home (again, in hopes that I won’t lose my shit if I step on one more LEGO).

If you’re trying to figure out what to put in your kitchen island between Christmas greens and Easter pastels….

Try incorporating sweet fragrances and tropical fruits such as kumquat branching, rosemary, and lemons into arrangements, or better yet, let them stand alone and make a statement.

I love ferns this time of year. They stand as a reminder that the sunshine of summer will return (and the kids will go outside again for more than five minute intervals) , yet they are not a far transition from Christmas greens.

Flowers with muted, yet rich colors, such as hellebores (an early spring bloomer) are great for mono species displays and are not so bright that they look out of place in the winter sunlight and snowy background. These are also one of my favorite substitutes for roses (hint hint, hubby…cough…Valentine’s Day)

Even just a simple display of baby’s breath can be enough to brighten a kitchen.

And believe it or not, all of these are typically available at the supermarket florist, but if you have trouble finding something you want, give small business a chance and call your local florist. They can order you anything that is in season and are usually reasonable if they are not arranging anything.

So there you have it! Ditch the Valentine’s Day roses this February for something much more original, yet super easy and cheap to DIY.

Happy Gardening Friends!

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