Our Next Big Project…

Never a dull moment around here. To say that this past summer was insanely busy is an understatement. A few huge landscape projects, big contracts, a poorly timed closing on an investment property, home renovations, 2 new horses, and throw a 4th baby in there…you could say we were ready for a quiet winter.

But of course, that just wouldn’t be us! We came across a great deal that we couldn’t pass up…lakefront property in New Hampshire. So welcome to our next winter project. We are still undecided what we will do with it: flip, keep, or rent (Shawn sees $$ and of course I immediately fall in love and start a full blown Pinterest board the moment I see it). You can see where this is going to go….

Anyways, the details. It is a 1940s era four season lake cottage, 1400 square feet in need of major love. The place hasn’t been lived in in decades. Seriously, it’s been strictly storage since 1988.Β  And when I say storage, it is a hoarder’s paradise. Every room is filled up to the ceiling with boxes of old nick knacks, shoes from 1982 (my 5 year old daughter has already claimed 4 pairs),Β  brand new toilet seats (in every pastel colored foam you can think of), Christmas decorations, dishes, cigarette memorabilia, you get the picture. You have to have vision with this one…LOTS AND LOTS of vision. But the potential is there. I mean, look at this view! And we are going to find it amidst all the stuff.

So our task with this one is less demolition, as there really isn’t anything to demo (well, Shawn may say differently. He gets to do the nasty parts), but more ‘lets clean out all this shit so we can see if there are even floors or not.’ Another challenge is that it is not around the corner from us either. Travel is going to be a pain, and we do EVERYTHING ourselves.

This is my ‘oh shit…what did we get ourselves into now’ face. I have to stay upbeat because if you know Shawn’s and my dynamic at all, you know he’s in full panic, Debie-downer mode right about now and I am talking him off the ledge. But regardless, I’m super excited. I have so many plans for this one (again, you can see who is going to win this argument to keep or sell). I’m thinking a combination between light and bright lake house and rustic northern lodge. But here’s the catch…I want this place to have a hint of Christmas all year long. I want that magical, cozy feeling using hints of red, soft textures, and rustic wood that Christmas time brings but I want it all the time. So this house is going to be our “Christmas in July” house (well that and the fact that there is a whole room currently devoted to Christmas decorations, as well as closing on the property right before Christmas, which both had a part in it’s naming) Here’s some Pinterest inspiration to see where I’m going with this:

I’m thinking primitive blue kitchen cabinets, whitewashed shiplap walls, natural pine ceilings, red interior doors, cozy textiles, live edge wood details, and anything else that promotes the simplicity that comes with life at the lake.

I’m getting wwaaayyy ahead of myself right now. I literally just got a phone call from Shawn on day 1 of demo saying that a water main broke and water is pouring into the basement. ANYWAYS…..

Dispersed between my normal mom complaining, gardening geek outs, and DIY projects, stay tuned for posts about the ongoing renovations and plans for the “Christmas in July” cottage.

Cheers Friends!



8 thoughts on “Our Next Big Project…

  1. Love the new post! Wish I was there to help you sort through that stuff. Just to let you know if you don’t want to deal with it call a local auctioneer. They should come take, sort, tag and auction it off for you. Also look on Ebay – some of the Betty Boop cookie jars…the one you pictured is bringing about 35.00. If you have her in a red Corvette 155.00. What you see as CRAZY trash could pay for those fantastic renovations. If you have them in original boxes that’s even better. I love the 4 bunk bed idea and finally someone that can use it. Have fun with the reno and keep up the great blogs!

    1. Ugh! Can you come up?! We tried calling 4 or 5 auction houses who all gave us the answer that this isn’t the time of year and they didn’t want to store it all. I picked through everything and kept what I wanted (shawn is horrified I may turn into a hoarder!) and we actually found a local flea market guy that bought a lot. I’m keeping that Betty Boop cookie jar πŸ˜‰ I’ll do a post with all the goodies I’m keeping soon….you’ll be jealous!

  2. I saw keep it and rent it. It could be rented year round if it is on main land. In the summer people looking for some lake living and winter snow mobilers. I am jealous you own property in NH before we do. We have thrown around leaving CT and going up there full time.

    1. Haha that’s all I saw too! I’m thinking an AirBnB thing so we can still use it too. I could totally see you guys up there! If you do, I will!

  3. I love what you would like to do…that Christmas in July seems delightful and being on the lake is perfect…cant wait to see finished maybe B& B???

    1. Thanks 😊 That’s such a good idea! I would love to host vacationers!

  4. Love your blog! We just bought a completely renovated 1815 farmhouse in Maine. Check it out on FB or IG @theburntshop
    Love your vision and energy! I’m looking forward to following youπŸ˜‰
    All the best,
    The Burnt Shop

    1. Ahhh! I love finding fellow renovation addicts!! I will definitely be sure to follow along! Thanks for the love😊

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