Christmas on our Farm

I am determined to get into the holiday spirit this year, even though everything seems to be working against me. The landscape season, which usually ends by now, hasn’t seemed to slow down yet, we closed on another house (I think we have a problem…is there such thing as flipper’s anonymous? More on that project to come), and the kids throw one activity after another at us but I really want to just put everything aside and enjoy my favorite time of the year. My kids are at those ages where everything is magical and I really want to make it special for us. So here goes my plunge back into this blog thing with some of the most recent holiday happenings and projects on our farm.

The search for the perfect tree. No, literally we had to search ALL day for the perfect tree according to my husband. We went to three different farms for him to prove me wrong that he would find exactly what he was looking for. And he did. Now, when we are divorced by the end of the season, you can blame the 18′ giant spruce that he had to hook a chain and pull out of the field with his truck,  shoved through my front door and is now blocking the entire foyer and staircase.  I get to enjoy the bottom of the tree, because that is ALL you can see.

Baking, Baking & More Baking. Which in turn means eating, eating and more eating and results in the holiday 10 (pounds, that is). But oh well, no one has to see me in a swim suit for 6 months. My all time favorite recipe this time of year is a cinnamon bread recipe from the Pioneer Woman before she was super famous (I like to think I sorta discovered her lol). Find it here. It’s to die for. We usually make it into French toast Christmas morning. A little bit of work, but sooo worth it. My oldest daughter has really taken to baking this year and I love sharing this with her and also NOT being the only one in this damn house that cooks anything.

Wreath Making. I grew up on an old Christmas tree farm, so wreath making has always been something we did. Its super easy, you can get your greens in the backyard, and save a ton of money. If it sounds intimidating, start with a potted arrangement or a swag and work your way up. I made the horse by cutting out the shape from metal garden fencing and then layering on the greens. I like to use at least 2 types of evergreen, usually a spruce and a softer pine, and then add winterberries, twigs, pinecones, and even dried hydrangea (yes, I’m even obsessed with this plant in the winter)

Making Ornaments. Every year the kids and I make some type of ornament and date it for our tree. This year I tried out a no bake salt dough recipe and added a bunch of cinnamon. They came out awesome and were super easy. And did I mention they smell delicious? Blog post and recipe HERE

Good Food and Strong Drinks. I can’t stop cooking hearty meals and drinking delicious things this time of year. Call me an old lady, but I think this time of year calls for the fine china, a big, buttery meal, and a coffee full of Baileys.

Crafting. I love anything handmade. And this season, I took on a bunch of projects I’ve been wanting to do for myself. I refinished my dining table because our holidays are always centered around eating and family. I also experimented with some pallet signs and came up with this copycat(ish) Magnolia Tree Farm sign. I’m going to put it up on the blog soon because it was easier than you’d think. I’m not super talented when it comes to paint and art, design maybe, but that’s where it stops. If I can do this, you can too. I’ll throw the table up on the blog too, someday. Another project that saved me a ton of $$. Let’s just say that chalk paint and polycrylic are my new best friend


So this time of year, if you happen to stop over (and please do), you’ll find a plate full of cookies, dinner in the oven, me in my jammies, an unfinished craft, and a mug fulla something good (and you won’t hate it😉)

‘Tis the season friends!


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