The Truth About Mom Hair & 5 Ways to Love Your Hair Again

So I’m scrolling through my phone this morning drinking my coffee, at 5am, because that’s when I have time to do this, and I see an article in The New York Times app… “Have ‘Mom Hair’? Here’s How to Fix It” So I click because, well, I have mom hair. And I want to know how to fix it.

Well, guess what? This article actually pissed me off. It essentially reads that moms should stop trying to be hip and cool because we are ruining whole genres of hairstyles. Yes, we are that uncool of a group that we have managed to ruin the bob, bangs, and anything else we decide to do to our hair that helps us feel a little less shitty that day. “You’ve likely seen it at suburban malls: the longer in the back, slightly shorter in the front bob that should read sleek but is inescapably frumpy.” The author’s advice is to keep it long because “your body is changing and you might not be the weight you want to be yet. And the truth is, long hair can be a distraction…There’s less [with a bob], literally, to hide behind.” Basically, all us moms should grow out our hair, which is all falling out and breaking from growing a human inside of us, and then try and maintain that hair while keeping said tiny human alive so that the rest of the world doesn’t have to see our fat, frumpy mom bods.

Thanks lady. Thanks a lot for the friggin’ awesome advice. How about really helping a sista out and giving some helpful tips instead of telling us to hide behind a mess of long hair? So I’m gonna help my fellow mommas out, struggling with pregnancy hair and momma hair and any other hair that ya’ll have because we are amazing and birthed children and our hair luster was a small price to pay for this. So here are 5 ways to fall in love with your hair again:

Use a good hair mask. Let’s face it, pregnancy puts our locks through the ringer. I literally lost 1/4 of my hair mass. It was a mess of overly dry, frizzy, damaged tresses. The only thing that saved it was a once weekly leave in hair mask. It’s something you can do from home that has HUGE benefits to your hair.  Regular conditioner rests on the surface of the hair, whereas a hair mask works its way inside and moisturizes deeper. I hop in the shower, shampoo and towel dry my hair and then apply my deep conditioner and go about my morning of getting everyone to school and then rinse. The longer you leave it on the better. If I have a slow day, where I know I won’t run into anyone, I leave it in all day. The UPS man may think I’m a giant grease ball but whatever. I like one that includes argan oil and jojoba oil. My favorite is this one

Get a cut that makes you feel like you. Who cares what that stupid lady from the times said…if you want a ‘mom bob’ and it makes you feel amazing than get the fucking mom bob. If you have long hair, then rock your long hair. Get whatever haircut you feel best in. Just because we’ve had kids, doesn’t mean we are suddenly totally different people. If you never had short hair in your life and have a kid and suddenly have the urge to chop it all off, maybe you should think about it for a bit. How do I know this, you ask? Well, I have 4 kids and after each one was born I got those baby blues and needed a change. After the first, I chopped it right off. The second called for bangs. And the third, I went img_5114dark. They were all horrible decisions. On top of feeling like shit from trying to navigate this new mom life, I had to try and navigate this new ‘do. It was the worst. I didn’t feel like myself. After the fourth (it took me 3 others to get this right!) I went to the saloon and got a fresh trim, deep conditioning treatment, and felt like a million bucks. But more importantly, I felt like me.

Keratin treatments. I have naturally curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair (lucky me). Before Keratin treatments, I was able to rock my natural texture like once a year on a good hair day. Now, I can (for the most part…my hair can still be an asshole) let it air dry and I have more definition, less frizz, and it looks sooo much healthier. Here’s the deal with keratin treatments: essentially, hair that lacks naturally occurring keratin is often dry, frizzy, and tangles easily, but adding it back makes it shiny, smooth, and overall, more manageable. It is rebuilding damaged areas in your hair. Mine lasts about 3 months and costs around $200. I usually skip the summer months because I’m swimming too much and it seems to wear away quicker.

Balayage is my new best friend. I’m blonde so in the summer my hair is awesome. Hello natural highlights! img_5095-1But then winter comes and my hair is a horrible, washed out straw looking color. I used to do highlights, but they grew out funny (I don’t get them done regularly). I was introduced to balayage and I’m never going back. It’s a technique that is less dramatic than highlights. The color fades as it get up toward your roots and grows out naturally, which for a mom, that means less salon trips. Try it…I’m telling you, you’ll love it.

When all else fails, DRY SHAMPOO that shit! Greasy hair is the worst. Yet, so many of us moms in the drop off lane at school are sporting it. Why? Because I couldn’t wash my hair last night because baby was crying, kids had a shit ton of homework, husband was annoying…you get it. That’s where dry shampoo comes in. It has saved my life (well, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic). It takes one second and you look like a million bucks (and can put away the telltale baseball hat one more day). I like this one from Amazon which is for light colored hair, but they have one for dark as well:

So there you have it…rock that ‘mom hair’ like you just don’t care! If you guys have any great hair tips, share the love in the comments…

Have a kick ass day mommas!

I almost forgot to give credit where credit is due…In case you want to read the article that got me fired up in the first place, here it is. Let me know what you think! 

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Mom Hair & 5 Ways to Love Your Hair Again

  1. Great blog post…I only had the one child but went through the hair phases too. Now that I’m a “nanny” and in menopause it’s long and dry. I’m going to check out the hair mask. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Hilarious! My hair fell the eff out after my first and it is finally growing back in. I am now working instead of staying home, and find myself choosing a couple extra restful minutes in bed over a shower every now and then. What dry shampoo do you recommend?

    1. Thanks girl! I like the Moroccan one I mentioned above! Click on the image and it’ll give more details and if you have dark hair, they have one for that too. Also, for a cheaper alternative I like treseme dry shampoo. It’s only like $9! Thanks for reading 😊

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