Fall Fashion Favs

This is my go to outfit for fall. I am loving these jeans and this sweater is a staple in my wardrobe. Dress it up with booties and dress down with some Chucks (this maroon color is ah-mazing). I love this simple Kate Spade initialed necklace. Oh, and I can’t forget my fav purse from Frye. Click on the images above to check them out

The jeans are some of the best distressed skinny jeans I’ve ever bought. The material is sooo soft and they actually feel like real jeans and not jeggings. They fit true to size and aren’t super tight. I love the bottom hem. And what’s best is that they were under $40!!!!! Nordstrom has deals if you know where to look. Jeans here Women’s Sp Black Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans, Size 31 – Blue


This sweater is my go to for a chilly summer night over shorts and transitioned so nicely into fall. Loose fitting, off the shoulder and gives off the laid back vibe I  ❤️ . Oh, and if you want the dog, you can have her too. She just got sprayed by a skunk :/ Sweater here Women’s Free People Upstate Stripe Tee, Size Medium – Ivory

1 thought on “Fall Fashion Favs

  1. LOL at the dog vs skunk problem! Skunks aren’t really a problem here in the U.K., but I have a Beagle who will find everything else disgusting to roll in so I sympathise! 😂

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