A Backyard Wedding: Boots, Beers & BBQ


Shawny and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary (kinda insignificant considering that we have an 8 year old and have been together since high school). But  I’ve been reminiscing about our wedding….the jitters the morning of, the details, the funny toasts.  And since the big time wedding blogs aren’t knocking on my door to highlight it, I guess I’ll have to do it myself. I guess they don’t approve of work boots, beers, and BBQ 😉 We pulled this wedding off on a tight budget, before the help of Pinterest, in our front yard, being DIY idiots, and with two kids under 2. So that fact that it even happened and we didn’t just say fuck it and go to the town hall is pretty much a fucking miracle. And to my surprise (no, like I was really surprised) it all came together on the day.  The theme for the wedding was a summery picnic kinda thing, incorporating my love for red check, wild flowers, and rustic simplicity. And Shawn’s love for BBQ.






The details

This wedding was as low key as they come. My best friend and I arranged wildflowers that were in bloom in August, and went heavy on the sunflowers that I literally got from the grocery store. My bouquet was picked the morning of from my hydrangea bush in my garden. All the images were captured by the amazing Wendi Peppaceno. The star of the show was my father in law’s 1937 Cadillac that he built when he was 15. I have to admit that my one splurge was my dress from my friends at The White Dress in Clinton, CT. I went in, saw it and bought it. My only requirement was that it was lace so that hopefully my girls can repurpose the lace. Oh and that it was strapless— because, well, breastfeeding. Baby’s gotta eat lol. I did my hair and make up myself (and forgot to color in my eyebrows that morning in the midst of flower arranging and table set up so now I can forever be reminded that I have white eyebrows whenever glace at wedding pics). The bridesmaids’ dresses were a random assortment from H&M, and everyone added their own vibe from cowboy boots to Shawn’s Chippewas to my dad’s signature bandana (at least he went with white and not fucking skulls). We plugged in a playlist from my BFF’s ipod and that was our tunes for the night, aside from the impromptu karaoke that ensued toward the end of the night. Oh, and the food. I can’t forget the food. It was a combination of the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten from Planet BBQ in Branford (try eating ribs in a white dress and not getting any stains and then tell me I don’t have a hidden talent) and local desserts including pies from Lyman’s Orchard down the road and local homemade ice cream. I should mention that catering was a totally last minute decision. The original plan was to have a pig roast with one of our pigs…well, we fell in love and August the pig is still in my barn. Well, with or without the pig roast, you know it’s a good night when it ends with a dinner roll war, the bride in a pool–with or without her wedding dress on 😉 and bridesmaid’s bras scattered about the lawn.



Happy anniversary baby! Cheers to a lifetime of food fights and skinny dippin’ and being married to my best friend.


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