My Favorite Hydrangea 

🌿Garden geek alert🌿

 So remember how I talked about moms needing their own “thing”. Well, gardening is mine. I love plants and design and stone probably way too much. And as I walked around my house yesterday (probably on my way back from picking up the 400 pool towels thrown about my yard from my lovely children) I couldn’t help but notice my hydrangeas in bloom. And I’m not talking the typical blue variety that everyone loves. I’m taking about hydrangea paniculata, the huge white, cone shaped variety that is so beautiful it takes your breath away.

If you plant one plant in your entire yard, please please please make it be this. My favorite from this group is hydrangea paniculata ‘unique’. This shrub grows 8″ long beautiful white, lace like flowers that fade from white to pink in the fall. This particular plant is super cold weather hardy (thriving in zones 4-8), loves full sun, is so easy to grow and maintain, and tops out between 6-10 feet. They’re so hardy that if you can kill this plant, than just stick to rock gardening. They’re in bloom now and last long into the fall.

My house is filled with fresh cut blooms from the 3 plants I have and my favorite part about these is drying out the flowers (which I usually just let them dry on the plant into the fall because then they get a nice pink hue to them) and then cut them and they last all year.

If you can’t find this variety, you can try others from the paniculata family. I like ‘pink diamond’ ‘grandiflora’ ‘phantom’ or ‘white moth’. They all have a similar growth habit, varying in size and flower head just a bit. 

Happy gardening friends🌿


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