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When I started this blog, I had big plans of it being a showcase of all the things I do and as I’m looking now, it’s pretty much just me complaining about my kids. So I thought I’d give complaining about something else a try. Or how about not complaining and give you a list of the things that get me through life lately. So here’s a list of some pretty awesome shit:

1. My keurig. How did I function before this was a thing? Maybe I didn’t. But coffee on demand is better than fucking tv on demand in my mind. And I don’t care about it being dirty and moldy or can kill me or that it is bad for the world or whatever else google says. I’m bad for the world without coffee. Here is my model just in case you think coffee on demand is the shit too. CLICK ON THE PIC

2. LL Bean flannel sheets. I am a total freak about what sheets I use. So trust me when I tell you, you will sleep like you did before kids on these fuckers. Well, except for the kids waking you up part. The sheets can’t do anything about those little shits. But they are amazing and of course, they come with the famous Bean warranty…Oh and did I mention they are on sale right now??

Bean Flannel Sheets Here

3. Gap sports bras. I used to have boobs. But then kids happened and now I just have a spot where boobs used to be. So I don’t want to depress myself any further and try and wear real bras. I clearly don’t need underwire anymore. And if I show up to work in a pushproduct photo up, I’d look ridiculous. So I found these awesome sporty bras from Gap that say ‘I don’t care if I’m flatter than a pancake, my back is hot so look there instead.’ The back crisscrossing is great and makes it look like I’m intentionally wearing a bra for looks and not just because I’ve been demoted to training bra status. The material is so soft and they’re just tight enough to give support without cutting off circulation. Well done Gap

My Fav Bra Here

4. My straightener. I attribute any and all beauty that I have to this little miracle worker right here. I have had cheap straighteners in the past and they don’t even compare to this one. I can straighten, curl, and tame my wild mane. It’s worth the investment and is on sale right now. Believe me, I know unruly hair.  CLICK ON THE PIC

5. This little magic stick of awesomeness. So, I’m not usually one to buy anything with the word ‘miracle’ in the title, but I can now vouch that this shit is a miracle!! My heels crack so bad and I have tried EVERYTHING. This stuff is amazing and worked like a charm. CLICK ON THE PIC

6. These jeans. These are my favorite right now! And for under $100, you can’t go wrong. Super comfortable and love the material. Order a size up. They run small. You NEED them and they’re currently super cheap from Nordstrom’s anniversary sale. Click on the pic and check them out

7. Jolyn bathing suits. So, I have a confession to make….I may be that mom that wears the way too tiny and inappropriate bikini😳 and I have found a brand to make all my dreams come true💕 But they have all different styles so even if you don’t like the itty bitty kind, they’ll have what you’re looking for. It’s all about the quality of the material, the cool prints, and the way they fit that makes you NEED one of these suits. One of my BFFs who happens to be a swim coach turned me on to them. They can endure swim practice so I can rock a Brazilian cut while I’m chasing a toddler and not have the bottom get lost up in my booty. It stays in place.  And they have all different coverage, are reasonably priced (still to much for a tiny piece of fabric in my opinion) and they have a bunch of styles. Check them out!
The BEST swim suit here

8. Dumb sayings on coffee mugs. This actually used to irritate the shit out of me. All mismatching coffee mugs. My OCD couldn’t handle it. Where do I store them? Stop buying them for me!! But I have totally grown to appreciate them and pretty much any of the small things that make me laugh

Sorry, I have no clue where the hell to get this mug, nor am I under any illusion that any other person in the entire world would want it.

9. Apple cider vinegar. I am not a health nut or a naturalist by any means. Hell, I’ve put bleach on poison ivy before (don’t do this😳) but I swear by ACV. I use it for everything. Like Greeks with windex. I put some on a wet cotton ball for a face toner. It gets rid of pimples. Dissolves kids warts. I’ll put it in their bath once in a while if they’re really nasty. Any weird skin thing really. I guess you can drink it, but I can’t. It’s gross.

10. Mascara. Not just any mascara. THE ONLY MASCARA. CLUMP CRUSHER by Cover Girl. Without this, I would look dead. My eye lashes are pretty much white so I’ll buy the brown shade and viola! I now have eyelashes. I don’t wear any other makeup so I like that it is very subtle. It doesn’t run, which is good when I’m sweating outside at a job site all day and don’t want to look like a raccoon and scare the guys away. CLICK ON THE PIC

So there you have it…what I can’t live without right now. It’s all about the little things, right? And I guess a good pair of jeans doesn’t hurt either

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