So there’s this guy ❤️

So there’s this guy ❤️

And lately he’s been working 16 hour days and I’m tired and lonely from being with our four crazy kids all day. And I miss him home. Being goofy. Working on projects together. Doing nothing together. Being a pain in the ass. Teaming this parent thing. I even miss fighting with him.
And it’s so hard to hold it together when he comes home and I want to yell at him for being late. I want to complain about being left alone all day. And list off all the things I couldn’t get done. But I want to hold him because I missed him so much. I get scared sometimes that we’ve become so busy that we may forget how to be “us.” That we will lose what we had.
But it’s these times that will only make us stronger. It’s these times that we need to push through and remember why we are together and the goal we are headed towards. It’s these times when we need to remember our vows and honor the ‘for better or worse.’ So today, when he walked in the door at 8:15pm, and my kitchen was a disaster, kids weren’t even bathed yet, and I’m a hot mess, I dropped everything, tucked the kids in bed dirty and without a story, and spent two hours talking, drinking, being silly and remembering why I love him.
“Marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and a promise to never give up in each other”– Surabhi Surendra

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