Rustic and raw master bedroom renovation 

Our master bedroom needed a serious revamp. We hadn’t done anything to it since we built ten years ago and it was one of those rooms that I sort of forgot about. I guess just like we moms forget about taking care of ourselves, we forget about our room as well. Anyways, I wanted something classic but with a clean modern feel. I also had to work around the log furniture set that my husband insisted on buying and now won’t let me update 🙄.


I chose ‘evening dove’ by Benjamin Moore for the color. I wanted a dark navy with grey tones and this color is just perfect. It is dark so I balanced it with a lot of white and bright accessories. It gives the room a modern clean feel while still staying with my country decor


Shiplap wall. I wanted a feature wall and the white wood balances out the dark blue so nicely. It’s subtle and classic. The wood is from lowes as tongue and groove pine and the whole wall cost about $250. A huge impact for a small price.

Propane fireplace. Gives a cozy rustic feel and adds a natural stone element to the room. The mantle was only $20. I got it from a local sawmill. If you’re looking for something raw looking, check with local mills for something uncured and rough sawn. It won’t be perfect, but they’re cheap and it was the look I wanted anyways

New doors and pine trim. You’d be surprised at how much new doors and trim can really change the look of a room. These doors are special order at lowes and were $95 a piece.  I paired them with rubbed bronze hardware. They really give it a custom look and match the simplicity of the pine trim.

Maple floors. I love wood floors but like to put a twist on them, either going lighter or darker. Maple is beautiful, simple and when only clear coated, the color is a nice light wood.

Black and white artwork. I love the big bold white matte on these frames against the dark walls. It really makes them stand out. I wanted to keep the walls very simple and went with a simple frame display above the bed.

I can’t forget about my little piglet! Don’t be afraid to add yourself to the room. Who cares if it’s lame and doesn’t belong in Martha Stuart Living. You have to live there. Not her. So add a pig if you want a pig (that may only be me, but add what you love)

Happy Decorating Friends!

2 thoughts on “Rustic and raw master bedroom renovation 

  1. WOW! It all came together so well. You have more courage then I…love the color but I’m afraid to use it so it always stays at the Home Depot and I walk out with some version of off white…LOL. Great job!

    1. Hahaha it took a lot to go this dark!! But I’m so happy I did. It made it so much more cozy!

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