Dear kids, I don’t know if I will “miss this someday”…..

Real cute…but not at 4:30 in the morning

It’s 4:30am. I got kicked out of my bed by a little ninja leach (to clarify, the squirming 9 month old who won’t sleep in his own crib and thinks I’m an all night milk bar…not my husband 😳). So I feel like this is the appropriate time to write a post like this.

Since I’ve had kids, I’ve been told “your going to miss this.” Kid just walked on my mopped floor…oh, you’re going to miss this. Keeps me up all night…you’re going to miss this. 4 kids in a dump truck complaining….you’re gonna miss this. Hey, let me complain and don’t make me feel guilty, ok? And guess what?! I really don’t think I am. I haven’t looked back yet and thought, wow I really miss sleepless nights. And shit so far out of the diaper that it almost makes it to their hair. Having to tie shoes 16783 times a day. Being so exhausted that I can’t even move my arms to get the coffee to my mouth (this is a thing).

Don’t think I’ll miss this overtired shit fit Georgia threw the other day

I’m the type of person that enjoys each moment in the present. The stage I’m at now is what I want to think about. I’ve already met all my babies. Now I look forward to developing personalities, new milestones, watching them become independent, seeing their relationships grow with others. It amazes me everyday how much they can do on their own, and I don’t think back and reminisce about when they were totally dependent on me.

I threw all the food on the floor and shall eat the dish…that’s what this dinner thing is for, right?

Will I look back and remember when my babies needed me and loved me more than the world, sure. But I’m raising my kids to never lose that love for me and you can bet your ass that when Lucca is 30, he will have no problem hugging his momma (to the disgust of my future daughter in law, I’m sure😏).
I think I may have the opposite problem and look to the future too much. I can’t wait to take an uninterrupted shower. Or not shovel up an entire meal that the baby threw on the floor and actually enjoy a dinner with my four kids. How about not going to the bathroom with a toddler on my lap, what a luxury. Maybe I should feel a little guilty that I won’t miss this….nah.

Oh, hi mom! Do you need help wiping?

2 thoughts on “Dear kids, I don’t know if I will “miss this someday”…..

  1. Love it! That little Oakley is the happiest baby. Keep writing these great posts…I think I’m with Mrs. “B” on this one – I may need to wash your keyboard out with soap or take you out behind the wood shed for a talking too…LOL

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