My favorite room in the house: a laundry room makeover 

Whenever we remodel or renovate a home, I try to envision myself living there…how I would intend to use each room, where I’d need more and less space, and where I’d be spending most of my time. I focus on the obvious spaces…the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, but always find myself drawn to those little forgotten spaces that only a mom would think of. In this week’s reno, I focused on the laundry room and pantry. With four kids, I probably spend about half of my time in these spaces, doing infinite loads of laundry and feeding bottomless pits, not to mention hide and eat my damn Oreos in peace. “Leave mommy alone!! I’m just doing laundry!” Said as I choke down a cookie. Mmmm…oreos

The before: a totally gutted space that was formally just a laundry room

Anyways, back to the reno. In this room, which is a combination mud room, laundry, and pantry closet, we needed more food storage, better organization, a place for kids everyday essentials, and a nice, welcoming space to walk into.

A few features:

Pine shiplap. Durable enough to bang backpacks on, kick shoes against, and wipe whatever grime kids carry in from the day.

French door pantry. Holds enough food for a small army, or a mom with teenagers.

Storage, storage, and more storage. Backpacks, shoes, lunchboxes, sports equipment, all has a place….of course, they will still probably throw it on the floor if they’re anything like mine.

Black doors. I’m LOVING this trend. I just can’t get enough. It’s amazing how much they can transform a room and I’m loving a valspar oil paint from Lowes that cleans up easily like a water based paint (because I hate oil based cleanup but love the durability and sheen). As for the details, I like to pair them with dark oil rubbed hardware for a sleek look. And for added interest, I’ve been distressing them on projects by sanding random wear spots and then going over the raw wood with a stain pen. 

The floor. I wanted a slate/ natural looking floor, without the bulk and maintenance of real stone. The tile I found from lowes has the look and roughness I wanted without the upkeep. And what’s better (for my OCD at least) is that the texture hides dirt so well, perfect for a mudroom. 

So there you go, my take on one of my favorite rooms in a house

And this is why I spend most of my time in the laundry room

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