My very first blog post…like, EVER😍

So, why am I a “master of none”? And why a blog? Well, this mom stuff is hard. Really hard. Add to that social pressure, work, marriage, Pinterest envy, and in my case, animals, constant renovations, travel, a crazy family, and life. I think that sometimes, we all need to hear the behind the scenes from another family, and that we are all barely treading the waters. If this blog helps one mom feel better about their day, even if it’s just me, then it’s worth sharing. We all need something to laugh at, relate to, and learn from. And I guess I want to share some of my expertise. Wait…expertise? No…that brings me back to ‘master of none’…
Master of none. I don’t want to pretend to be an expert at anything. Between my husband and I, we have become jacks of all trades. I have a lot of titles, do a lot, have a lot to say, and I can give my opinion on many topics but I’m no expert (I’m speaking for myself. My husband still thinks he’s an expert on everything 🙄). My life is a modge podge of being a mommy to four little munchkins, a wife, a daughter, a farmer, an experimental chef, a part time fitness guru (the other part I’m a donut tester), a landscaper, business owner, designer, landlord, house flipper, friend.
Sometimes I don’t know how there is room in my brain for all this random, non related shit, but it seems to work and sometimes it doesn’t. And that’s why I can’t claim to have actually mastered anything. YET. Right now, what I can do is tell you what works for us. I have too many things going on to be an expert in anyone thing anyways. At times, I’m like that dog that blurts out ‘squirrel!’ mid thought. And that’s probably going to be the template for this blog. I’ll probably be talking about the flooring we just used in one of our rentals and then squirrel! I miss summer and I’ll go on a tangent about my favorite summer past time and how I plan to keep my four tiny tornadoes from demolishing my house. Bear with me, it usually goes full circle.

I want to use this blog to connect the dots of my life. This is hopefully going to be an outlet for me to share my passions, projects, and remind me to stop and enjoy the little moments in between. Who knows, maybe through all this, I’ll find what I want to be when I grow up

I decided to hold the glamour shots and stick to a candid photo. Best way to describe my life (*said as I pull a child’s booger off of my shirt. Oh wait, that may be pig shit. Wow, my life really is quite glamorous. Isn’t it?)
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1 thought on “My very first blog post…like, EVER😍

  1. I loved this first post! I completely get where you’re coming from, and can’t wait to read more!

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