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"Welcome to our next winter project. We are still undecided what we will do with it: flip, keep, or rent (Shawn sees $$ and of course I immediately fall in love and start a full blown Pinterest board the moment I see it). You can see where this is going to go…. Anyways, the details. It is a 1940s era four season lake cottage, 1400 square feet in need of major love. You have to have vision with this one…LOTS AND LOTS of vision"...Read the latest post from The Landscapers Wife

Welcome Friends!

Hi! I’m Crystal, the blogger behind the lifestyle blog, The Landscaper’s Wife.

I’m a mom of 4, house flipper, horse lover, truck drivers daughter (guess that explains the one too many fucks), storyteller & garden junkie with an obsession for good food, good jeans, a good read & and a plain Jane cup of coffee.

Oh and I guess I’m the landscaper’s wife….I’m putting my crazy story out there in hopes to connect with, inspire & laugh with other moms who are trying to find their place between being  mom and being themselves.

“Everything has changed, and yet I am more me than I have ever been” Iain Thomassigniture

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